Collaboration within the fashion business

Fashion may be a playground of paradox: inventive and technical; art and profit; native and international. It throws a various set of individuals along to rework an explicit vision into one thing tangible and profitable.

Unfortunately the folks concerned in attire development typically operate as islands. bring to a halt from the remainder of the method, they throw their messages dead set ocean, hoping they create it to the proper folks intact. Inefficient systems and tools litter their workday and force them into tedious routines. Disconnected and bowed down, they work to try to to their best, however while not having the ability to ascertain on the far side their own isolated shore, they are not given an opportunity to contribute to their full potential. What if corporations might build bridges between those islands?

And not simply a bridge from one island to consequent, however a system of bridges to create a robust, bolstered network and make community across development? Well they’ll. that is what it means that to create collaboration into the center of fashion development.

But what’s Collaboration Anyway?

Collaboration is not one thing you do; it’s one thing you bring home the bacon. If collaboration were a thread, it might be a thick shaped with the strands folks, tools, and process-the basic parts of development.

About Lectra:

With nearly forty years’ expertise in fashion and attire, Lectra’s mission is to produce an entire spectrum of style, development, and production solutions to confront 21st-century challenges. From 1st inventive spark to final product, our skilled services address associate degree end-to-end method. to find out however our supply for style, development, and production will assist you like collaboration, please contact one in every of our international offices.