Exploring the Popularity of the Cigarette Case

For those people who smoke cigarettes on a regular basis, a carrying case for their cigarettes would be ideal. A cigarette case is generally a metal container (sometimes plastic) for the purpose of safely storing cigarettes. The case keeps the cigarettes from being crushed or otherwise bruised. The simplest form of the cigarette case was a metal box, usually very flat, that stored 50 cigarettes (25 on each side).

The cases can be quite sophisticated as well, some having the additional features of a cigarette lighter. The age of technology has allowed for cigarette cases to come equipped with a mobile phone. As such, cigarette cases have become a fashion statement for those in the smoking world. The rich and eccentric have had cigarette cases made of gold, silver and other precious metals. Even the noted designer Peter Carl Fabergé (of the Fabergé egg fame) made brilliant cigarette cases for the Russian tsars.

During the wars (World War I and World War II), some of the soldiers remarked that their lives were saved by a cigarette case deflecting a potentially fatal bullet from entering their chest. Because the cases are so sleek, they are often used to conceal or store tiny items. The cases can be easily stored out of line of sight. The popularity of the cigarette case picked up when Hollywood often featured stars carrying them. Stars like Humphrey Bogart, Desi Arnaz and Frank Sinatra used the cases on-screen and off-screen. The popular secret agent series, James Bond, made particular use of cigarette cases to use in the various gambling casinos or sometimes to double as some sort of secret weapon for him to use.

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