How Ribbons Decorate Our Lives

The most cheerful events in your life probably included bows and ribbons. That is because the simple, colorful strips come a variety of materials and colors and adapt to hundreds of uses.

Ribbons Are Fashion Accessories

Almost every little girl can remember wearing brightly-colored ribbons in her pigtails or pony tail, and many adults still add ribbons to hairstyles. Websites such as include photos of glamorous wedding hair, low braids, headbands, Boho styles, buns, and bow styles created with ribbons. You can find poly, fabric, tulle, mesh, wired, glitter, grosgrain, metallic, cording, and holiday ribbon, among other choices. Because there are so many styles, colors, and textures, bows and ribbons are used to create unique clothing, accessories, and even shoes. Almost all baby clothes are beribboned, and little girls’ dresses often include sashes.

Ribbons and Bows Decorate Special Events

Most traditional gift wrap includes ribbons and bows, which can be altered for hundreds of occasions. Rosettes made from satin ribbon make a feminine statement, while layered loops with picot edging add delicacy and interest. Grosgrain ribbon is often pleated, to create a beautiful, but sturdy effect. Wire-edged ribbon can be twisted into a figure eight, while full, cheerful loops create the classic gift bows. Ribbon-wrapped packages are sometimes decorated with winged bows made with a square knot and notched edges. A simple gift box wrapped in solid-color paper can be adapted to fit a wedding, birthday, holiday, new baby gift, and more, simply by changing the color and style of ribbon.

Ribbons Change Home Interiors

Wide fabric ribbon can change the look of an entire room. It can be added to drapes, sheets, and even lamps. Bows and ribbons are used to create a feminine look in little girls’ rooms and they add an elegant touch to towels. Ribbons create an effect for weddings and other events and can be used in centerpieces, flower arrangements, and more.

Ribbons have been decorating our lives for centuries, mostly because they are beautiful and adaptable. It only takes a little creativity and a few yards of ribbons to create dozens of decorating, gift, and fashion solutions.