Jeremy Lin: not because of 10 0 discouraged on green army will never regress

Sports report on December 5th:

After the Lakers lost to wholesale jerseys supply the Wizards in the game, Jeremy Lin played very bad, 10 shots without a 0 points, this is the first time in his career in the first shot more than 10 times but not scoring game.

The fourth section Lin did not play, seems to have been coach Byron – Scott’scold storage. But after Scott did not mention the refrigerated, just say Jeremy Linstate fluctuations are normal, “he just tonight bad state only, in the basketballgame is very normal.

But Jeremy Lin himself did not feel discouraged, he said: “it is interesting, I thinkmost of them put into. In the past if hit such bad games, I want to kill myself, but now I see the problem more mature, if again, I would still choose the hand.

Jeremy Lin’s 10 out of hand 6 times are three ball, his best breakthroughinexpressive, penalty number is 0.

The Lakers in the first three games of the offense was quite smooth, respectively,had 119 points, 129 points and 106 points, but the Wizards again regress to the old way, only by Kobe and Nick young singles scored, and the team got only 95 points.

Jeremy Lin think it is very important to the next game against Celtic onsignificance, because the Lakers‘s performance in this game will decide whether they can out of the Miami-Dolphins doldrums, or deeper.

“I think the Boston game is very important, what are we will step forward or backward step? He asked himself, but now he doesn’t know the answer to this question, only after the game to go looking for, and he knew that he was not much room for backward.