The TV Store Online Is Geek Culture At Its Best

The TV Store Online offers a great selection of movies and TV shows that have been released and will be released. The late Robin Williams stars in Merry Friggin Christmas and a preview of this upcoming and hilarious movie is available at the TV Store. Some of the entertainment is amazing and some is downright scary, but each appeals to some one in the vast audience.

The horrific story of Christian Bale’s posterior where his muscles dropped out of the hip sockets as he was making The Machinist is horribly stunning. No one could imagine his weight loss unless they have seen it. There are so many other background stories about movies that would never be told anywhere else. Star Wars Episode VII is previewed for those fans that continue to follow this all-time movie goers hit.

The TV Store is the brain child of the Geek Tyrants which was founded by an all volunteer staff in 2008. If you are looking for Geek Culture, then this is the place you will want to hang out at with 1.3 million like-minded viewers. Co-founder and Editor Joey Paur is about as far away from mainstream American culture as anyone can get, and he makes it entertaining and bit hard to figure out what he really wants to accomplish. However, he is fascinating. Paur’s motto is “all things geekery.” It seems he has found them all.

Another Editor, Millie Dunbar, looks like the girl next door that pop always wanted you to marry, but she is a person who has learned how to weave the four letter word into everything she writes. Travel her bio at your own risk. There are other editors which have the same “talent” and display it with the same alacrity.

The Geek Tyrant has aligned with the 5th estate and is drawn closer to it with every posting. If its a weird movie and scary too, then you will likely find it at the TV store. The screen excerpts should not be overlooked when they are a bit on the comedy side because these are fascinating also. The Geek Tyrants see a great future ahead for their TV Store Online, and why not since viewers will not find this material at any other online site.